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446 Child Transgender


Under the now acceptable umbrella of transgenderism, there are pre-teens saying they are the wrong sex and wanting treatment. How can a 10-year old child have the maturity to determine such a thing? 18-year olds aren't even allowed to drink but now children can change sex at age 15; paid for by The State?! There are powerful drugs used to delay puberty but the psychological tribulations of using them have got to be even more life-altering. The investigative show, Frontline, interviewed several of these so-called “transchildren,” 12-year olds recounting their feelings and experiences as transgenders. One male child demanded he be called by different Disney princess name every day. He may be diagnosed with gender dysmorphia but there's obviously a lot more going on, and his parents were indulging the child's fantasy.

“Gender dysmorphia” is actually considered a mental illness in adults, and the unsophisticated things children say should not support that radical conclusion. There's other more plausible explanations than "I have a girl's brain in a boy's body." In the Frontline program, the gender transition doctors interviewed admitted that this is the first generation of transchildren and that the medical science is new. The darkest, most telling interview was with one of the first transchildren, now in his/her 20s that said he/she can't quite say they regret it but wishes he/she had waited for more maturity. If even one child who got a sex-change operation "regretted" it, that would be too many.


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