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445 Transgender Bathrooms


For whatever reason, in America at least, people are very sensitive about exposing their bodily functions in public, especially to the opposite sex. Young people, still developing their maturity, are the most sensitive. For that reason we have sex-specific bathrooms. Bathrooms are gendered because society respected the wishes of its majority to be gendered. There were probably lots of people who didn't like the expense of building multiple facilities, but the courtesy of the majority won out. However, there is now a vocal and political minority pushing their ideology on the majority, allowing men into female bathrooms. They exploit the courtesy that got gendered bathrooms in the first place but without the democracy.

It used to be that “gender” and biological “sex” were synonymous but now the term “gender” has become subjective: there are a relatively small number of penises out their claiming to belong to women, and visa versa. These malcontented people insist that their feelings take precedence over the majority of other people's feelings, and want to use urinals or bidets even though their plumbing doesn't fit. In a single person bathroom, no one would care but in the typical McDonald's-style multi-urinal, single stall layout, prepubescent girls and boys, and even overly-chaste traditionalists, can no longer be sure the other person looking through the crack in the door is the same sex. Another example of the feelings of the minority, and a small one at that, overriding the preferences and feelings of the majority.


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