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Sex is determined by reproductive plumbing, but gender is how a person fits in socially, and it's determined by a single biological molecule: testosterone. That's what makes the gender discussion so volatile, because people who want to be a particular gender can take chemicals to look and act like a man; simply shoot up with male levels of testosterone; and to be a woman, take drugs that block testosterone. Those drug-takers have a point when they say they are a gender that conflicts with their sex, and people's whose bodies metabolize testosterone differently may also feel they are in the wrong body, so-much-so that they have invasive operations to make them physically appear the sex their testosterone dictates. These people do NOT have a gender identity problem, they are demonstrably transsexual, which means they have transferred to at least the appearance of their gender-felt sex. Transgender people, on-the-other-hand, have NOT gone to that extreme, they still have all the biological traits of their birth sex, but they want to claim some other societal definition, for personal and inscrutable reasons.

For the most part, what gender someone wants to claim to be is a liberty issue; they can choose to be whatever made-up fluid self-definition they want, but the trend is to infringe on other people's liberty by insisting by force of law that everyone address them as they want to be addressed. However, calling someone “Her Majesty” is voluntary in a liberty society; it's not up to the recipient to dictate what others think of them, that's a confusion that comes from aristocratic and Marxist thinking. Forcing someone else to do something is the very essence of power, and the true intent of the gender-mongers. The tactic of making something subjective, even your sex, is an obvious attempt at gaining the upper hand, especially when the violence of the State is so easily swayed by alliances of people who have not been successful competing via the status quo. By appealing to others with similar self-interests, and leveraging the innate altruism we all have, the gender-mongers have achieved success in controlling the narrative that would have been laughable only a generation ago.

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