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The League of Women Voters is an anachronism that hopefully fades away with the last generation. They reminisce on past discrimination and claim it as their qualifying trait for membership in today's victimhood culture. In the political arena, they project power far in excess to their relevance, almost always to the detriment of male candidates. The LOWV gained its social credibility legitimately but that was long ago; any modern day illusions that women are left out of the political process is contrived to extend that justification long past applicability. Like all identity groups, what makes the LOWV despicable is that many of its members show loyalty to the number of X chromosomes rather than competence, confidence and conscientiousness. LOWV members will cross Party lines to vote for a female if the candidate of their own Party is male. Even if this trait doesn't apply to all LOWV, it's certainly a large enough share to turn a close election.

Any organization with sex, race, or religion in its name is no longer proper for the public sphere, for the same exclusionary reasons that these same organizations ironically claim to pursue. There is no valid reason for trying to redress past wrongs; sons are not responsible for the sins of their fathers, and daughters do not inherit the victimhood of their grandmothers. Men, also rooted in the past, are under the false impression that women simply want parity, when what they really want is superiority. The LOWV argument, indeed the feminist goal, is basically that men have had it over women long enough, it's their turn now, it's only fair.


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