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442 Women in the Sciences


Women dominate admission in Medical and Law School, and are fully two-thirds of the Post-Graduate programs, yet women Special Interests continue to harp on their supposed under-representation in the sciences, especially engineering. They point at the parity of men and women in international science degree programs and insinuate there's some kind of discrimination in American universities. The answer is simple: engineering is difficult, unglamorous and doesn't pay very well compared to medicine and law; plus, the men attracted to engineering are geeks, attaching a huge social stigma. Why wouldn't a women instead choose another field if they have those kinds of smarts? More money, more prestige and easier. It's no wonder engineering programs are under-enrolled; thank goodness boys make up their minds long before they go to college that they're going to be scientists & engineers.

If women truly want girls to sacrifice better careers to become scientists & engineers, then they need to start indoctrinating them young. They should be taught to hang around the fringes of social acceptance in High School, don't date, remain clueless of trends and fashion. It's not that hard to mimic how the awkward, ungainly boy nerds do it: bring their lunch to school in a brown paper bag, talk incessantly about video games, remember arcane moments of old Star Trek episodes. There has been some success getting more women into science and engineering undergraduate programs but unfortunately, they mature and start making decisions for themselves for what's best for them, so keeping them in those programs is an even bigger challenge.


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