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441 Women & Respect


Men are subliminal experts at respect: we are immersed in it since childhood, royally kick-started in puberty, and finely honed during our formative years. Respect is not friendship, respect is not admiration, respect is not fair. Men are always considering who's Alpha in any situation, and adjusting their behavior accordingly. There's a constant battle happening behind the scenes, allies and enemies, aggression and submission, all the time fighting for dominance; and men who lose the competition voluntarily subordinate themselves within the hierarchy. yet the entire game is played invisibly to women.

Women claim respect they have not earned: they are protected as children by tattling; they are catered to by males seeking rut; they dream of being Disney princesses; and they are never fired in the crucible of 7th-Grade-Gym. Women are simply never participants in the cycle of brutality that form the social consciousness of men, which is where respect comes from. Women are unaware that they have low status, and can't understand why there aren't more of them at the top. They blame discrimination then insist on being inserted above men of far higher status. There are other kinds of respect: intellectual, beauty, wisdom; but the respect women are looking for can't be forced by State Violence.


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