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If you consider individual liberty, the right to make decisions for yourself and reap the rewards or suffer the consequence thereof, to be the defining issue of your ideology, and you're in The Center, believing the goal to be the most liberty to the most people; what are you going to call yourself? It seems like it should have the word “liberty” in it, and politics has the habit of attaching “ist” to the end of words to identity a person's ideology, so naturally “libertyist” comes to mind. That would make “libertyism” the stated goal of most liberty to most people. How does that sound: are you a Libertyist?

It's possible that you're the only one who actually is in The Center, all others simply pretenders from the The Left or The Right who don't want to commit. If there are more erstwhile Libertyists, how will we be able to identify one-another? Where will you go to ask questions? How will you be able to organize and spread your ideology? After even cursory consideration, it's clear that starting a new political movement is going to be a lot of work; that's probably why there's only The Left and The Right. However, you can buy my book, “The Center,” from Amazon, visit my Facebook Page “Ask a Libertyist,” and continue to listen to these podcasts, so there is that...


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