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436 Libertarian Socialism


At first glance, "Libertarian Socialism," seems like a staggering oxymoron because the two ideologies diametrically oppose each other: the wants of individuals versus the needs of the group. However, it's a term useful to both Libertarians and Socialists because it can be distorted to mean whatever they want. In the case of socialists, they envision a society that they say is libertarian, an alluring ideology because everyone is in control of their own lives, to the point of demanding that other people perform at their command. And from the Libertarian side, Libertarian Socialism is fundamentally a subterfuge that ignores the Right of Violence, and socializes the great expense of protection while concentrating personal wealth into the hands of a few.

Though coined over a hundred years ago, in modern political debate, the label “Libertarian Socialism” is intentionally adopted by Noam Chomsky to sow confusion. He is the undisputed expert in using linguistics to twist political narratives, and knows the battle is between collectivism and liberty, so he throws up linguistic conundrums to blur the distinction. To name your enemy is the first step in defeating it, so by not having a clear concept for group versus individual, the enemy remains obscured. Plus, Libertarian Socialism is tough terrain to attack, yet easy to defend because it purports to include everyone.


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