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433 Nationalism vs Globalism


On the world stage, the distinction between The Right and The Left are visible as national self-determination. Nationalism is the idea that the historical norms of a nation are important to the people that live under them even though individuals within those societies may not be on an even footing. In this context, The Right is Nationalist. In recent history, especially with the advent of the European Union, Globalism, the idea that all people are Citizens of the World and have Natural Rights that supersede national constraints, including borders, was gaining momentum.

However, after all the sanctimonious words are spoken, unless the international corporations are benefited, touchie-feelie declarations of ideology were not enough to bring pressure on supranational organizations, like the U.N. or World Bank, to act unless there was the financial incentive of so-called Open Markets. Under the guise of Globalism, exporting nations like Germany use their financial power to subjugate the nationalism of less enthusiastic nations. The United States was, of course, also complicit in this deception. To implement the Globalist ideal, forcing it upon the world, Globalists use the rubric of Climate Change, extreme poverty, contagious disease, or some other sensational cause that exploits people's fear or altruism. These tactics are often employed to cower the populace with the idea that Globalism is not only logical, but it's unethical to question it. In recent years, resistance to the Globalist subterfuge has mounted, and national pride is overcoming the propaganda.


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