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432 The Right


Conservatism, reluctance to change status quo, is The Right's defining characteristic. The Right are those that are benefiting from how things are, which is threatened by an evolving value system, while those who would benefit from change tend to gravitate towards each other, which creates the de facto Left. Interestingly, because the idea of individual liberty, the notion of personal responsibility and reaping the rewards of suffering the consequences of one's own actions, also comes out of America's distant past, it is considered conservative.

Religion has always played a big part in America, and The Right represents those long established values. Patriotism is part of The Right, ingrained in their psyche. They also have a strong streak of Libertarianism which lends itself to aristocratic tendencies, thinking that the families of the wealthy deserve their influential status, and that wealth and breeding demonstrate exceptionalism. This weakness of The Right's ideology inevitably leads to a Class system, but they seem not to be too concerned. If people naturally segregate into levels of competence, it must be God's will, or genetic. Adding one other ingredient to the mix of The Right's attributes, the concept of racial separation as natural, defines the Far Right.


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