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428 Socialist Angst


Socialism is the mechanism by which Collectivists implement their group-needs-over-individual-rights ideology. The driving force behind collectivism is the inheritable human trait of altruism, which is a combination of positive reinforcement by a dopamine release into the pleasure center of their brains that comes from sanctimonious behavior, and the equally powerful motivation to reduce the angst they feel at the discomfort of another person. Socialist angst is a common thread running through our religious indoctrination that has bled into society's framework. To alleviate the suffering of The Poor is a basic component of human nature, stronger in some than in others, depending on the amount of dopamine released.

Liberty is the concept that you are an island unto yourself, only subject to contracts you voluntarily engage in, while socialism is rife with implied obligations that adhere to you simply by being a human being, and there is even the explicit expectation that you are responsible for other people in general. People raised in America, the only Individual Liberty nation, are caught off-guard in a socialist setting where others are tacitly waiting for them to act because it is expected. Liberty-Americans aren't looking for nor aware of the social clues of obligation, and are embarrassed and confused when confronted about their perceived inaction, generating even more angst. Collectivists seem to induce angst in an ever-expanding cloud around them.


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