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427 Social Democrats


Political Parties in Europe seem to be an almost random combination of political terms sandwiched together into familiar sounding names that are impenetrable to understanding what they really believe: Social Democrats being a prime example. The “social” part of their name refers to the concept that Workers have a right to the fruits of their labor, while “democrats” signifies that they want to exploit democracy as validation to force compliance. The insidious idea that simply because someone is peripherally involved in a company as an employee, that they have a right to claim part of of that company's success, regardless to how insignificant or replaceable their contribution, is more than Worker's Rights. It's Marxist dogma that a business is owned bottom-up by the employees instead of top-down by the people who provided the idea, capital, and leadership. This “stakeholder” idea is popular because there are dramatically more employees than there are entrepreneurs.

Also in the Marxist tradition, there a many more people wanting food and housing than there are people providing it, so Social Democrats use the rubric of an ephemeral Dignity Right with an ever-expanded definition of “dignity,” to force the obligation upon society rather than leaving it an individual's responsibility to define their own dignity and make the choices necessary to achieve it. Social Democrats claim they are providing Marxist liberty, though at the unconscionable cost of taking other people's individual liberty, and use democracy as vindication for the taking.


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