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421 Resisting The Resistance


The Left, primarily draped in the confusing camouflage of Identity Politics, call themselves “The Resistance” since the election of Donald Trump. It's unclear what they're resisting? Apparently they seek the overthrow of a duly elected American President, or perhaps they mean The Patriarchy? Whatever, it bodes ill for anyone not playing the Identity game, and needs resisting of its own. This doesn't mean changing the minds of the women, minorities & weirdos who benefit from overturning the status quo, they've gained too much and aren't going to retreat one inch; instead engage in an environment where your resistance is observed by other people who haven't been turned yet, but will be if the Identity narrative remains fashionable and unchallenged.

Your tactics are to get into a position of power and not let the Identity-mongers exploit your courtesy: get your own sympathetic volunteers to respond in a quid pro quo fashion; don't be cowed by online bullying; take pictures of Antifa and dox them online; write Letters to the Editor; keep a webpage going where insiders can leave leaks; boycott companies that cater to their demands; and stay politically active. Most of all, be sure to advertise your resistance to their resistance to whoever will listen.


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