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420 Bullies & Scolds


It used to be that The Right were the judgmental, sanctimonious scolds, usually in the context of organized religion, but The Left has assumed that dubious distinction. The Left is primarily made up of people that were bullied as children. Add the mantle of victimhood, and the anonymity of the Internet, and now as adults they form the army of Social Justice Warriors, the foot-soldiers of the Identity Politics movement. They think their time has come; it's their turn to bully others into conforming, and their weapon is scolding.

They scold you about the “homeless” and the “handicapped;” they scold you about “schools,” especially “the children;” they scold you about “pesticides” and “natural fibers;” they threaten to boycott your business and smear your reputation. Social Media like Facebook and Twitter is how SJWs reinforce one another's confidence; their self-righteous posturing is an ever increasing-in-strength tornado of bullying. Standing up against them is a real challenge. If you should ever want to engage SJWs in Facebook-land, here's a hint: whenever they attack you personally (and they WILL, in packs), simply type the word "bully."


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