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419 #metoo


For something like the #metoo movement to be effective, the audience who listens to it must be totally complicit in its intended use. There can be no dissenting voices because even casual consideration of destroying people's lives based on hearsay, and reinterpreted decades after the fact by faulty memories and the lens of self-interest, doesn't seem like a good idea. Anyone would reject this scenario out-of-hand, unless of course, the intent is to collapse the status quo, to take out The Patriarchy.

How does #metoo even work? Apparently, every single decision-maker at a studio must accept the accusation as true and deliver the punishment without evidence, and not one person in authority has the backbone to stand up against the shouting. It's probably something that can only happen in the entertainment industry because it is both originator and subject to fads, faux outrage, insincerity, and acting is exactly their business. Want someone to pretend to be someone else, discussing made up topics to fool everyone around them, that's the movie business. Add to that the extra strength envy, spite, resentment and jealously of people who seek adoration, and #metoo seems more of a certainty than an aberration. There were always be whisper campaigns, it's only surprising it took so long to burst into the open.


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