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418 Black Lives Matter


The whole Black Lives Matter concept is political maneuvering: you have to stake out a position to make a deal; the stronger the position, the more you can ask for. Given BLM's prominence and quick success in dominating the spotlight, I suspect they will succeed. Is it good for everyone else? Hell no. Is it further dividing the country? Hell, yes, it's incredibly selfish, but so are all other political organizations. However, Black Lives Matter seems more cynical than most Special Interest Groups; for example, their funding: $100 million in donations, $33 million from George Soros himself? How legitimate does that seem? Second, if the intention is to drive races at each other's throats, Black Lives Matter is pushing all those buttons. Third, their scornful backlash against the rebuttal “all lives matter,” makes them appear irrational and militant. And why is the movement dominated by Black women?

After decades of Great Society and Affirmative Action, things only seem to have gotten worse. The litany of Black problems isn't getting any better, and even liberal Whites are starting to think the incentives need to change, probably towards personal responsibility. Instead, Black Lives Matter are pushing hard in the other direction: Whites have had Black people at their beck-and-call long enough, they say, now it's time for Blacks to be the aristocracy. Black Lives Matter is really about Reparations; the idea is that Whites pay money to “Blacks,” a kind of reverse slavery. With Reparations, they insist, Blacks would be made equal, and things would be different...


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