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417 Inherited Guilt


The idea of inherited guilt, a Catholic dogma, is the foundation of Identity Politics. The biblical concept that the son is responsible for the deeds of his father is one of the issues America revolted against, yet that very idea is central to the Progressive theme of shared guilt for past racial & gender exploitation. How is it that this tactic was not disputed out-of-hand? Are people again held responsible for the supposed sins of their forefathers? Should discrimination now be the solution for discrimination in the past? This happened because we let the camel's nose under the tent with Affirmative Action, encouraging subsequent generations to think State-sponsored discrimination is an appropriate cure for social ills.

Once the rules changed so that the color of your skin is not to be ignored but instead to be rewarded then it becomes advantageous to claim the benefits. Similarly, any other discriminating factor, such as sex, ethnicity, and religion in the specific cases of Jewry & Islam, are being exploited. All that was once a disadvantage is made to be advantageous, except in the case of Asians, they are simply ignored. Alas, everyone did not become a hero without some group becoming the villain, and of course, Old White Males are cast in that role. The children of Straight, White men are guilty, and in the climate of Identity Politics, everything they achieve is through so-called, “privilege,” not their own effort and hard work, and they owe what they have to those who were discriminated against in the past.


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