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416 Changing Definitions


There is a seemingly coordinated effort to redefine words to fit into the Identity Politics narrative. The Left has always used language as a weapon, and they're winning the language war now on the Internet by redefining words like “fascist,” “socialism,” and “Nazi” to serve their purposes. Since their goal is collectivism, of which socialism is an acknowledged example, any taint on the word “socialism” must be explained away. Nazi Germany's ideas about a citizen's role in The State certainly fit the old definition of socialism, however The Left's use of the words “Nazi” and fascism” as pejoratives posed a problem since both ideologies espoused socialism, so Leftists deny that Nazi Germany was socialist, even though Nazis called themselves socialists and the word “Nazi” is an acronym for National Socialism.

The fact-checking website, Snopes, contorts language to explain that Nazis were not real socialists, and neither are fascists. In fact, they claim fascists are Right Wing because they use violence, even though Antifa uses the same tactics, so Google's definition of "fascism" is subtly different than traditional dictionary definitions so as not to apply to Antifa, and Wikipedia's description of "socialism" has also recently changed in a similar way. There are more insidious techniques of word redefinition; for example, Google changes the order of search results and hence perceived authority; and the autofill options are being winnowed to channel selections away from negative news about Hillary Clinton. Also, YouTube is on a crusade to demonetize and even remove accounts they deem inappropriate: Jordan Peterson, the renown liberal Clinical Psychologist noted for resisting The Left, was defined as “Alt-Right” and his accounts blocked. Lastly, there is no way to have any kind of real debate on Facebook or Twitter without endless nitpicking of the definition of words, making this compromise of language quite effective at silencing discussion.


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