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415 Nazi


There is true disrespect, even hate, from the young towards old white males, probably the result of the constant association of white males with all that is bad in the world. Most of the people involved in Antifa were raised on entertainment where the only villains were white men because all other groups complained they were being discriminated against. Though businessmen were often the culprit, Nazis were the ultimate bad guy. Calling someone a “Nazi” has been an online staple for decades, even having its own adage, Godwin's law, and its use has increased in effect; now “Nazi“ has become pejorative code for White men, the White equivalent to “nigger.”

Every attempt to organize against The Left is equated to Nazis: join a pro Free Speech rally, you're a Nazi; point out the hypocrisy of feminists ignoring the plight of Islamic women, Nazi; suggest that criminal Illegal Immigrants should be deported, can't get more Nazi than that. The Identity Politics crowd excuse their obvious heckling of White men under the guise of attacking the few real Nazis who might exist, though those only seem to be on TV since I've never encountered one in real life, but that was before I recognized that they were talking about - me.


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