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414 Antifa


Even virtual civil wars require strong-arm tactics and intimidation in real life. Once “fascism” was equated to “Nazi” as an inexcusable topic even to discuss, the idea arose that a group should forcibly counter this imaginary horde of fascists, so emerged the anti-fascists, or Antifa, and anybody who is not in lock step with the Identity Politics narrative is a target. Online bullying is their first option but if wrong-thinkers appear in public, the black balaclava-wearing pseudo-soldiers would respond to shut them down. Antifa is primarily composed of disgruntled people who would benefit from the disruption of the status quo: the underemployed; coffee baristas and food-servers at vegan restaurants; and, of course, many students looking for the meaning of life, and a cause to adhere to.

The idea that these so-called counter-demonstrators could intentionally conceal their identities is mystifying since most States have Anti-Masking laws. Apparently the line is fuzzy but it seems obvious that once intimidation and violence breaks out that those laws should spring into effect. Unfortunately, the politicians who control the police forces in places like San Francisco and Portland are sympathetic to the cause. The really concerning part is just how many Antifas show up to disrupt an event; it's sometimes 100s to 1. The ranks of the disaffected are apparently huge, and the lure of anonymity is a strong one. Aspiring Antifas, in their homemade black uniforms and masks seem to be unaware of the irony of their own fascism.


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