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413 Anti-Free Speech


Like the Free Speech movement before it in the 1960s, Berkeley is the origin of the Anti-Free Speech movement today. Most people who hear about this challenge to the First Amendment, even on The Left, can't believe it, especially if they remember that era. However, younger people have no reverence for Free Speech and actually find it appalling that anyone can say anything they want even if someone else finds it offensive. Anti-Free Speech is also important to limit communication among those resisting the overthrow of The Patriarchy. To this end, as bizarre as it may seem, even logic, facts, and truth are suppressed because they undermine the cause: if the other side is allowed to talk, their arguments would be compelling to those who have not yet realized there is a Virtual Civil War on.

The most common tactic to “deplatform” speech is to use a Heckler's Veto, disrupting a group quietly ready to listen to a main speaker. Deplatforming is very effective and simple to perform by exploiting the courtesy of an audience not accustomed to the tactic, and its success gives the heckler a feeling of empowerment. This is probably only a short-term advantage to the hecklers because counter-measures are possible but it will reduce turnout to subsequent speech events because normal people also wish to avoid things that cause conflict, even when they should be causing conflict. The best way to counter the Anti-Free Speech movement is to engage in Free Speech: don't let yourself be shut down by rudeness and intimidation. Unfortunately, in the Social Network online environment, Free Speech has mostly been restrained by corporate moderators at YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Anti-Free Speech is a growing and powerful force that will take commitment by liberty-loving Americans to overcome.


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