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412 Offended


There is no better way to seize control than by making an issue subjective with you deciding. Being offended is the perfect foil; not only can only you decide whether or not you are offended, you also get to control the timing of the offense, and and corrective action. You can even demand penalties on the person who offended you. The “I'm offended” attack is one that exploits the courtesy of others and, unfortunately, has no real defense without conflict or retreat. The old Sticks & Stones adage is completely ignored, and as long as being offended has such high rewards, it will continue.

The Left uses the "I'm offended" attack in almost every confrontation. They demand "safe spaces" and special treatment to alleviate their offense. It's an old tactic; the “do not use foul language in my presence” crowd has exercised the Offended attack for most of the history of this country but the strategy has now been weaponized. It has gone so far as to directly threaten Free Speech; in fact, The Left has been successful in limiting speech online, and even has laws in place to compel speech so as not to “offend.” “Your Majesty,” used throughout the ages by those who sought dominance dusted off in a time where few students know history.


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