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410 Minority Rule


The Constitution acts as a counter-force to democracy, protecting the minority from the tyranny of the majority, but The Constitution now serves a role the Founders never imagined, which is subjecting the majority to the whims of the minority. Cases-in-point: transgender bathrooms, disabled parking & access, religious accommodations, and onerous safety regulations. Small Special Interest groups have been able to leverage The Constitution into committing the violence of The State for their own selfish aims, the majority of citizens be damned.

When people think of democracy, they imagine large numbers of folks each expressing their self-interested opinion, and the majority wins out. This seems much better than the strongest people simply forcing whatever they want on everyone, and history up until now has proven democracy a better choice. However, to implement democracy, every person, especially the strong and numerous, must give The State a monopoly on violence; no one else except The State is allowed to use it. This is where the weakness of democracy undermines its implementation because, in fact, most people do not participate in voting, allowing a fraction to tell everyone else what to do. Social Media has coalesced these minorities into strong voting blocks that make a mockery of democracy and The Constitution, to the point that the majority is now bullied by the minority, a complete reversal. The weaklings have taken control.


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