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Entertainers, feeling guilty for their tremendous success for so little contribution, find solace in adopting the vocal hair-shirt altruism of The Left. The occasional Right-leaning actor is scorned and shunned, a reverse McCarthyism. The awards shows drip sanctimony, and even football has been infected. They excuse their loss of viewership to everything but alienating the audience, because in their minds, nobody could hold any opinion but theirs, and if someone does, they must be stupid or racist.

Capture of the Main Stream Media by The Left could very well have been an organized takeover: MSNBC was certainly intentional, and the financial propping up of otherwise failing news outlets like The New York Times, Washington Post, and Time Magazine only make sense if the propaganda value is recognized. The Right has been neglectful in this regard, valuing these outlets on a monetary basis without including their intrinsic political value, so they have lost the megaphone. The proportions certainly are not representative of real life; no wonder Fox News, the only counter-narrative, has such a large viewership, because the rest of the mainstream media is shrilly Left-biased, particularly CNN, but even historical news organizations like CBS, NBC & ABC. When PBS is the least biased news source, you know there's a problem.


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