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406 The Tech Left


Somehow, probably because of their youth and the fact that they congregate in areas like San Francisco and New York, people who work in tech are overwhelmingly Lefty political ideologues. The smarter you are, the more successful you are at a young age, with people surrounding you similarly young & successful, it turns you into an elite. These people just naturally think they know better than everyone else, the proof is all around them, and there's nobody saying differently; certainly their parents and the education system has always identified them as special. Add to this, compromised Human Resources Departments selecting job applicants based on their Identity, and the situation is compounding.

Many in the Tech Left were bottom-rungers on the status quo social ladder, but now with their newfound power over information, they revel in their ability to stifle points of view they don't agree with, and castigate those they feel are not as enlightened. The situation is exacerbated at the very top of these organizations: founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, purchased the insolvent but influential Washington Post as a megaphone for his Lefty beliefs. Eric Schmidt at Google similarly exploits his power to subtly interfere with online searches and definitions in an attempt to control The Left's narrative. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook thinks her politics should be shared by the users. Disney's Kathleen Kennedy has stoked the ire of loyal fans by infusing Identity into every project she's involved with. The Tech Left is the biggest influence shifting society left, and that's saying a lot.


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