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405 Human Resources Subversion


Most of the graduates with useless social science degrees, as indoctrinated and hostile to the status quo as they might be, actually have little impact on society at large. Why would anyone hire them with such poor preparation to provide anything of value to an organization? Unfortunately, the most insidious impact these programs make is the training of Human Resources personnel. Through this simple mechanism, Identity Politics has found a wide-open conduit into the most powerful and influential organizations in society. Whether intentional or not, taking the control of big business through the choke-point of Human Resources was a genius move. These people aren't terribly intelligent, and are dominated by women and effeminate men who exploit their positions of leverage to dominate the workforce with Identity Politics warriors.

In the past, Personnel departments were a powerless after-thought, but in the wake of inclusiveness, HR has become a juggernaut rolling over more conscientious reservations through threat of lawsuits and bad publicity. No business executive wants to be subjected to public pillory, nor are they willing to risk their career to ensure merit over motive. The only solution to this debacle is for organizations to consciously push back against the Identity Politics narrative: if your programming company is mostly young Asian men because 90% of the best applicant's are young Asian men then say so, and reject the quotas imposed on you from the outside. And if mostly women are attracted to work as nurses, accept it; same with garbage men, soldiers and construction workers. How come there aren't HR departments at the sewage treatment plant?


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