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404 University Infection


When students have borrowed huge sums of money to attend college but are unprepared or unqualified to succeed, the schools don't stop taking their money, instead they shuffle these hapless students into useless and irrelevant social studies programs about “women” or “gender,” whose professors are overwhelming, if not totally Left-leaning. This is the infection vector of Identity Politics ideology. Students wouldn't even be in these programs if they hadn't failed out of their original plan so they already have damaged self-esteem and are totally susceptible to the claim that there is something special about them, that they are victims, and the most obvious sign of their victimhood is the color of their skin or the shape of their genitals. To recover their self-esteem, it's implied they probably would have gotten through their original degree if they hadn't been discriminated against, now or in the past.

Outrage ensues, built on a Marxist foundation that can only exist in the sequestered university environment of tenure, and clueless, sanctimonious & self-righteous student activism. The instructors in these programs went through a similar process and their resolve has been hardened over the years, especially after making it through the educational gauntlet ending in a professorship in one of these august institutions, a professorship that they know in their hearts means nothing, a degree that means nothing, not achieved via merit, a farce. Of course they're disgruntled, and they pass their embitterment onto their students. Frankly, the solution is probably to shut these contrived, money-grubbing institutions down altogether.


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