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403 Elites


The word “elite” is often applied to people who think they should be allowed to dictate policy because of their special status or knowledge, something liberty-conscious Americans are highly suspect of and only reluctantly accept unless based on merit. Unfortunately, The Collectivist Left is infused with a sense of grand superiority, that their values should be everyone's, and that anybody who disagrees is either stupid or evil. There will always be people who think like this, it's human nature, but when they got into governmental power as they did via appointments during the Obama administration, they are literally tearing the nation apart.

Identity Politics plays a big part of the schism because many of the appointments were not made from merit but instead due to the applicant's Identity as a women, minority, or some other self-perceived oppressed class. If you know your job and success in life is a result of your Identity, rather than admit there may be someone more qualified than yourself, you become an advocate of the method that got you there, because if all people are also selected because of their Identity then there is no negative reflection on you for having been, and other people of your Identity reassure and reinforce your belief that you are elite.


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