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392 America's Future


America's National Debt has increased for the past 40 years, and there's no reason to think that trend is going to change. Stimulus spending keeps things going, that plus the U.S. dollar being the world's reserve currency, but at some point, things that can't go on forever, won't. Our current trajectory is not sustainable, especially with the fracturing of political power into diverse groups verses a huge upcoming Retirement Class of coalesced political power. Even though liberty is under extreme pressure, it's still increasing due to increasing productivity, but as the economy is put under stress, and opportunity gets more-n-more concentrated into the hands of the wealthy, the ideal of the-most-liberty-for-the-most-people is threatened, especially considering that the two most likely futures for America are at the extreme ends of the Right-Left spectrum: either most-liberty-to-whoever-gets-there-first or no liberty at all.

It's easily predictable that increasing wealth inequality can only lead to future wealth redistribution. The most likely possibility is a Universal Basic Income, where everyone is given free money, enough not to have to have a job. Democracy has a tendency to promote such illogical solutions, and it will work for a time, until consumption exceeds production, and a collapse occurs. The sustainable solution is high Progressive taxation & confiscatory inheritance taxes, but that would take a consolidation of political power into competent but benign hands, probably after some severe financial upheaval, a situation also prone to totalitarianism, so the odds of things in the future turning out better than now are problematic.


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