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391 Go On Forever...


Humans are born optimists, it's evolutionary: tribes that trust their members survive as a group and lone-wolves parish. In modern times, this optimism has led to Stock Markets, pension funds, Social Security & landing on the moon. Not a bad trade-off, really, but one wonders if it can go on forever? We don't tax The Rich enough, which requires Government to print money to give to the electorate, but then The Rich complain because they aren't getting rich fast enough so taxes are cut even more, which requires Government to print more money. And because of "Free" Trade, foreigners are doing all the jobs so there's a push for a Basic Income, moving the country faster towards Collectivism. It all seems to be working out because The Rich are happy getting richer, foreigners are happy being paid with imaginary money, and people are happy to think they don't have to work for a living, but it's not going to go on forever...


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