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390 NGOs


Non-Governmental Organization, NGO, is the Politically Correct term for charity because charity implies a non-egalitarian situation where one person gives to another out of kindness, rather than forced to as Marxist doctrine would dictate. Another huge difference between NGOs & charities is shame: people who provide charity would be ashamed if they siphoned off the majority of the contributed money by way of salaries, but NGOs live by the credo that the work they do is just as important, perhaps more important, than the work of the people who contributed the money, so they should get compensated accordingly: the erstwhile beneficiaries are of secondary importance. This attitude probably germinated because NGOs get a lot of their money from Government grants, and tax-payer money holds no reverence.

NGOs may be tax exempt, a good concept for a real charity, but there's no doubt an NGO's primary purpose is to pay the people who work for them: 5% to the supposed charitable function, 95% to so-called overhead. There are legitimate NGOs, for example Doctors Without Borders pays their doctors only subsistence wages, and it's not that difficult to distinguish between exploitation and beneficence: the head of the Red Cross's multi-million dollar salary is clearly an obscenity; I won't even donate to Red Cross because of it. The fact is, NGOs work because most of the people who give don't care where the money goes; they were just virtue signaling anyway: being seen wearing a pink bandanna at Run For The Cure was all they were interested in.


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