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388 Ponzi Schemes


Ponzi schemes have no real money of their own, they take in new money from the many, and pay out slightly less to the few, while the middle-man takes a cut for organizing the whole thing. There is no connection between what you pay in & what you supposedly get out, the money goes to other people & some amount is skimmed off the top. Virtually all insurance policies are Ponzi schemes, but as long as there are more suckers than there are lucky winners, nobody questions the efficacy or ethics of the situation. Government-run Ponzi schemes are the most egregious. If the numbers actually made sense, private annuity & retirement funds would be doing it, not The State. By allowing the Ponzi scheme lie to go unquestioned, more will sprout up. For example, Oregon is starting a State Social Security scam of its own. Because they steal from the future to give to the present, which has always been a hallmark of self-serving idealism, our Social Security, Medicare, government pensions & National Debt Ponzi schemes are on their way to collapse, leaving inflation as the only future option, which actually isn't such a bad solution.


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