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387 Financial Hubris


1%ers sit in financial conferences congratulating themselves on their prescience & business acumen. In their world, wealth is to be accumulated by the forward thinkers, innovators & hard workers like themselves. The fact that they are a small minority of the population, and that their gains are at a relative loss to everyone else seems somehow righteous to them. They are the special ones, deserving of their good fortune & position in life, and everyone should admire them too, or at least admit how wonderfully opportune they are.

How this self-serving self-interest impacts the rest of us is manifold, but the most concerning is these people's sincere believe in an upcoming economic collapse, which in itself is not an evil thing except that their concern is only about their personal loss of wealth & that of the people they know & admire, which are other 1%ers. They self-righteously condemn "government" for causing the problem with no introspection of the real reason, which is that they have hoarded America's opportunity, leaving a large majority of the population disaffected & dissatisfied. They SHOULD be worried about is what the majority will do to their tiny minority if the situation gets any worse.


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