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386 Gucci Theory Of Success


Rational thought in financial matters is probably the third of forth thing influencing people's decisions. First & foremost is the search for higher status; what other people think of you has more impact on your success than any single factor, and certainly influences what you think of yourself. This distorts the decision-making process, allowing completely erroneous & illogical ideas to dominate society. For example, there are all kinds of reasons stated why you need to personally interview for a job, or why you need references, or what college you attended, but the real reason is to see if you're admirable enough to be somebody the others want to work with. There will be dozens of people interviewing for plumb jobs; the thing that sets the winner apart is the label on their suit, their beauty & the prestige of the school they went to. Anyone carrying a Gucci bag, even a fake Gucci, has more credibility than anyone who doesn't because the Number One Goal is status, and outward displays of your exquisite taste indicates you deserve it: respectwise, influencewise, and leadershipwise. You are what you wear.


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