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384 Socialized Liability


Liability must change dramatically. This country would be much better off if "liability"' became a Government function, where everyone who truly needed help got it, not just those lucky few who happened to get injured by someone with money. As it stands now, it's "jackpot justice," benefiting the legal profession rather than fulfilling the intended purpose of making the injured whole. Even if the situation is examined from an ethical perspective, how injuries occur should NOT be part of the equation. In fact, injuries are far more likely to come from unfortunate events than from the actions of people, but should not all injuries be redressed equally? The biggest irony of today's liability system is that those who are injured are victims a second time if the perpetrator has no assets because now they're also responsible for the costs of their injury.

If the goal of liability is to recompense the victims then that goal is not being achieved, out the window goes fairness and all we're left with is cynical profiteering, plus the exploitation, hubris, self-righteousness, and shear extortion of the liability industry. Blame and accusations are unhealthy, and retribution is a poor reason to compromise society. There is no need for greedy claims of punitive damages so that attorneys can get rich. If someone's actions cause or threaten to cause civil harm, they should pay a fine into a General Liability Pool, and if their actions are criminal, they should face judicial punishment. Universal healthcare would provide comfort and maintenance to those who are physically or emotionally injured, and the General Liability Pool would provide funds to alleviate property or business damage. Socialized liability not only makes practical sense, society is a less contentious, more reassuring place.


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