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382 Insurance


The insidious invasion of insurance into every aspect of our lives is what makes Insurance companies the most profitable big business in the world. The combination of usurious insurance costs, perverse incentivized liability, and our sanctimonious Blame Culture has distorted the concept of responsibility into something unrecognizable. Most people simply expect that any catastrophe in their life will be covered by insurance, which is doubly attractive, because if you benefit every time something goes wrong, you get both the illusion of security plus the perverse sense of anticipation that the next slip on the sidewalk or car accident that will pay for your kid's college education.

And as the power & influence of insurance companies has increased, so has shifting of blame onto institutions: business, education & government; because that's where the money is. Institutions also provide a mask that allows individuals to escape personal responsibility so people working at those institutions who don't have to pay insurance premiums directly, want lots of it, feeding the beast. Insurance, by exploiting the conniving aspect of human nature, has become an enormous parasite sucking the life out of innovation & self-reliance. Worse, if enough people needed to collect, the insurance companies would collapse like the House of Cards they are.


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