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If small businesses mostly fail because their profit margins are so limited, how can gigantic corporations manage double-digit returns year-after-year? Unfortunately, the answers are almost universally detrimental to the Free Market: monopoly, regulatory capture, patent exploitation, usury, legal obfuscation & campaign donations. Anybody so-called investing in Big Business stocks is little more than gambling that the business can retain its uncompetitive advantages.

As for society's needs: the people that run Big Business are not answerable to public censor, and no one is personally held accountable for what would in private circumstances be crimes. Government-imposed fines only penalize the pension funds that invest in the business. The largest stockholders are often Hedge funds that know or care little more about the business than how vulnerable their stock is to being leveraged. Stockholders are not protected from voracious management salaries set by crony Boards of Directors. Their tax structure subsidizes the richest shareholders, and most shareholders have absolutely no say as to how their money is used, whether they receive dividends, or even if they can ever get their money back. All-in-all, the bigger the business is, the worse it is for every other business, the ones that actually create jobs & respond to normal Market Forces. In the battle between Big & Small Business, it's obvious who won the cash cow, and who takes home the booby prize.


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