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380 Small Business


Most people start their small business using their savings, retirement, a mortgage, or inheritance, based on naive optimism that almost always results in failure, yet it's vitally important to the American mystique: working long hours for little pay and no benefits simply out of the belief that you're the one who's going to make it. Many small business owners even have their wife and kids helping out, no pay. Then there’s the indignity of hiring someone ,who is protected from long hours, and provided social security, healthcare and guaranteed minimum wage by you. As employee benefits go up: childcare leave, unemployment insurance, workplace rules, etc., being the one responsible for all that stuff, especially when you don't have those guarantees yourself, just isn’t worth it. If small business is really the job engine in America then the people who create them should not be penalized for their ambition, work ethic & fortitude. However, if there was a place to "invest" your money, even with all these things working against you, a small business is the most productive utilization as far as society is concerned, and, hey, you still have a chance of making it work.


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