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The very idea of stocks relies entirely on faith; faith that the stock you're buying is worth anything, faith that the company you're investing in will operate profitably & faith that somebody will give your money back if you ask for it. That's religious levels of faith, but you're a lot more committed to stocks than you ever have to be to a religion, and religion has the strength of unknowingness, no one can actually say your religion is a crock, but stocks don't have similar uncertainty; we can see that stocks are bogus.

Quick lesson #1: stocks are predicting the future. Lesson #2: most companies fail. You don't need anymore lessons than that. At their basest level, even the idea of buying a stock doesn't make sense: a majority of stocks have a PE ratio over 25; that means it would take 25 years of profits just to pay your investment off, let alone make any money. Does that sound even halfway reasonable to you? And most stocks pay no dividends, Growth stocks, stocks you buy because you're betting they will go up for mysterious reasons; that's gambling in the purest sense.

For example, after a decade, Amazon just started turning a profit once they cornered the market by losing money until the competition, like Sears, went belly-up. Anti-monopoly laws were supposed to prevent that kind of thing. It's only possible when a small group of people have an unimaginable amount of money available to make even more money. In fact, almost the entire tech market is hot-air; schemes to fleece Retirement Funds, and siphon back the dollars other countries have accumulated through unbalanced trade. Stocks are a huge clock-ticking Ponzi scheme.


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