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377 Investment


Often the argument given for tax breaks is investment, and that word has taken on mystical connotations, so-much-so that conniving politicians call The Rich “Job Creators,” inferring the super rich are important to a society's well-being. The Rich then use that excuse so they can accumulate even more wealth, and because their vast accumulations would seem obscene otherwise. But the concept is flawed on two fronts: first, that being rich makes one essential to everyone else; that's easily the most topsy-turvy cynical excuse for the stratification of society. And second; that money somehow comes from rich people. It's unfortunate that the concentration of wealth is so skewed that regular people are under the misconception that The Rich are supernatural. The Rich can supply investment in the form of cash because they have so much of it, but we as a nation certainly do not require The Rich to invest. Most money is in the form of a loan from your bank, which ultimately originates from Government. There are more than enough entrepreneurs who would use that and sweat equity to build businesses. Investment is a deal between Government & The People.


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