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374 Sustainable Lifestyle


Once the robots have all the jobs, and all the superfluous people are on Basic Income to survive, working only two hours a day, surfing, smoking dope & “doing something meaningful,” what are the basics they need to survive? Cheap staples like clothes, food, healthcare & housing, maybe a cubical or pod living which included utilities, like Japanese tube hotels. Next, a public data plan because smart phones will become the most important thing in modern life. After that, self-driving public transportation, sports & entertainment. Families, however those are composed, would have additional requirements. That would probably do it, and in reality, it's not that much of a stretch, certainly something that could be solved after a decade of concerted effort by engineers & sincere politicians. If you wanted a little more than that, you would have to work additional hours, and if you wanted to live in the suburbs & drive your own foreign automobile, that would take a full-time job, making you one of the people who keep the robot utopia going.


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