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371 Seniority


I grew up with the seniority system, where someone, usually older, was paid more than me but we were ranked together, and did the same work. This is actually considered unethical by accountants, but the irony is, hypocrisy really, of the feminist slogan, equal-pay-for-equal-work, is that it doesn't include the most egregious example of unequal pay, seniority-based pay, because men are affected by seniority just as much as women, and it's a favorite of unions, feminist's political allies.

To justify the illogical concept of seniority, there's the old canard that people who have been at a job longer are more valuable for reasons that are both subjective & cynical. In fact, there are several reasons that tenure on a job is a negative thing, complacency being the worst but inefficiency ranks right up there too. Seniority-based pay is simply another Gate-keeper tactic that gives advantage to those who got there first, an exploitation of power that crosses ideological boundaries. Seniority is not only untouchable, you can't even talk about the inequity at the office or you can be fired... Unless you're a woman.


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