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370 What are Jobs Worth?


There is no proper compensation. Who's to say what a job is worth? The biased business owners? The biased people who do the job? Someone-who-knows-better-n-you? How much is a High School graduate with good dexterity skills worth per hour? How much is it worth to pick trash off of the street in front of the park, or wash dirty dishes? Markets & wages can't be controlled, and they can't be predicted, and trying to do so causes unintended consequences. If it's too expensive, just leave the trash or use throw away utensils. Raising the price of mundane but important things only causes those things not to get done. All the people who could be doing those things, all 100 million Americans who do nothing, will continue to do nothing, except take free money from the State to stay alive.

Employers aren't your nanny. They certainly aren't responsible if you can pay for your housing, cell phone, transportation & children. If society wants you to have those things, SOCIETY should provide them. Let the Market determine wages, and fill in the gap through the Social Safety Net. That's what we do now, and we should expand it so that everyone can have a job. It's society's responsibility to make up the difference between the “Living Wage” society wants & what employers are willing to pay. It would also encourage Work Ethic & take the pressure off sending jobs overseas.


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