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368 It's Better to Work than Lounge


It seems obvious that people who agree to start a society share some kind of universal Work Ethic because how long can any society exist that consumes more than it produces? A person who needs money must do something to earn it. Any job is better than no job but forcing people to dig-holes-fill-them-in-again would backfire, we must create jobs that serve the dual-purpose of having an end-goal, as well as activity, and a job might consist of learning, or some other kind of self-improvement that would eventually benefit society.

Unfortunately, people can make excuses to themselves about why they shouldn't have to work. In reality, nobody needs 10 shirts & 4 TV sets, so if they voluntarily choose to have only 5 shirts & 2 TV sets, they confuse that lack of consumption with production, and assume their responsibility to society is fulfilled. America has an entire generation who are under this misconception, so-much-so that they advocate a Basic Income that means they never have to work if they simply cut back on consuming. They insist that "corporations" are doing enough production for everyone. Unless Work Ethic is instilled in upcoming generations, the connection between it & society's fundamental viability is blurred as more-n-more people assume someone else will be productive and then be forced to share. Consequently, it's in a society's essential interests to indoctrinate its new members with the concept of working: if every young person had to pick a bushel of cotton before they could connect to wifi, the problem would be solved.


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