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364 Religious Concepts


No topic causes more conflict than religion, let's review:

  1. The intelligence that is paying attention to everything you do, that's you.

  2. Science is the opposite of faith.

  3. Religion is subjective, and so is calling something a religion.

  4. There are no public morals, only people who want there to be.

  5. Enforced morality is an attempt to gain control.

  6. A public business cannot pick & choose who its customers are going to be.

  7. Puritanism is an attempt to combat people's preference of play over work.

  8. Polygamy would provide more opportunity for close relationships.

  9. Ribosomes are the proof that evolution should not be accepted as the only possibility.

  10. The value of human life is subjective & mutable.

  11. Society must resist the urge to elevate animals into the concept of Rights.

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