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361 Ribosomes vs. Evolution


A living cell perfectly fits the definition of being a von Neumann Machine, the kind of computer we use today, including I/O & memory. For example; the CPU is the ribosome, the ROM is DNA, hormones are input, and the RAM is a number of things: methylation, proliferation, promoters. Ribosomes take the DNA as a sequential input which they process according to their 3-bit instruction set, codons in cells, to produce a sequential output called proteins, which is what your body is made of.

The most famous protein is hemoglobin; blood. The odds of hemoglobin evolving to hold oxygen in just the way our body needs it is 20 to the 140th power, which is a BIG number; way, way, way bigger than the number of seconds since life began on Earth, but if you include the ~100,000 proteins in the human body that had to develop simultaneously & work in concert with one another, that number is so astronomically large that it exceeds the number of atoms in the galaxy. With odds like that, evolution requires faith to believe because otherwise it would be miraculous, and science doesn't rely on miracles. Evolution is mostly science but when it strays into faith, it becomes a religion. Now you too can be skeptical about evolution without being a Creationist.


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