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360 Polygamy


Polygamy works many ways: one woman-multiple guys, all guys, all women, or any combination. Anybody can live in a polygamous relationship but heaven forbid they want to be recognized by our government. Prohibition of polygamy comes from preconceptions in religion, customs & tradition. Whatever practical reasons there are against polygamy, there's no reason to outlaw it, people can make the choice for themselves. I'm descended from Mormon polygamy, but my wife would never put up with another wife, and I wouldn't accept with another husband, but that's only our opinions, different strokes for different folks.

The positive aspects of polygamy are rarely voiced: people need routine in their lives for mental health reasons, and companionship, in whatever form, accomplishes that. Society is benefited by people pairing up in whatever fashion that may be, including polygamy, and we have a glut of single people for which polygamy may be the solution. The restriction on polygamy is motivated more by politics than anything practical, a stricture of leftover dogma, in the realm of morals; any small practical State benefit not worth conflicting with people's individual liberty.


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