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359 Puritanism


Puritanism is best described by H.L. Mencken's famous quote, "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." However, Puritanism did give rise to modern industrialization: they were a discriminated against Christian denomination in England that gravitated towards science & education. Since then, Puritanism has come to represent all moral-based forms of government that tend to issue from the twin motives of vindictive behavior, envy & resentment, masked in conscientiousness. The result of unhappy people in positions of authority, condemning joy in others. Liberty would prevent this but, of course, Puritan-thinking communities are Totalitarian in nature, top-down control by people who claim they know better-n-you.

Ironically, another puritanical society, the Shakers, eschewed sexual intercourse: nothing is more detrimental to society than not perpetuating itself. Needless to say, Shakers no longer exist. Other anti-liberty concepts have also arisen in the Puritan mold, based on so-called morals, which are no less oppressive. A modern example is Political Correctness, which is essentially the same thing as puritanism without the God connection. Generally speaking, anytime someone else is telling you how to think & act, those are the Puritans.


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