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357 Moral Sanctions


In a liberty society where everyone has to show at least outward respect to the other people around them, if someone or some group is acting in a manner that abuses our sensibilities or feelings of appropriateness or righteousness, what can we do to discourage such behavior? What is the Line? Can we disrupt their life in any way we see possible, or is it just their livelihood we can threaten? Can we form a picket-line in front of the stores they own, or can we also cyberstalk them? Can we follow their kids home from school? Though most of us can reflexively answer “no” to those questions, there are people who insist their moral judgment takes precedence. Also, it's impossible to tell the difference between people who think they are doing society a favor, and those who support such behavior out of envy, perversity & spite. In the battle to maintain our liberty, we must voluntarily restrict moral sanctions in a public space. Liberty always comes first, and it's only possible when everyone else is our ally. Our public treaty is that whatever you think of me, when we interact in a public space, we will be respectful of one another.



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