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356 Public Morals


Who determines public morals? What must we all do to"save children's lives, "keep God in the classroom," "eat healthy," "prevent discrimination," or whatever. Some States burden cigarettes & alcohol with high taxes, others outlaw gambling & fireworks. Making abortion difficult is high on the list, and Sanctuary Cities are another way of virtue signaling. We penalize groups of people to empower others based on the past. There are also those that insist on being addressed in a particular manner, or demand special treatment due to some hardship. The Left, who by definition do not place liberty first, want to subjugate speech & expression to the sensibilities of what others think. Because morals are subjective, we undermine America's legitimacy by forcing them on others.

The hypocrisy of enforced morals will also come back on us as irony. How is forcing people to attend prayer at public gatherings different than subjecting everyone to a loud Call-to-Prayer five times a day? How is pan-handling on the sidewalk different than Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of Safeway? From a personal liberty perspective, when the actions of some exploit the sensibilities of everyone else, that's when the line gets crossed. I neither want to give "a moment of silence" nor listen to some godawful wailing at 3 in the morning. If you want to feel good by supporting someone's addiction, great, do it someplace private. The arguments for any kind of public morals are always sanctimonious, aggressive & illogical, and perverse people get the additional benefit of irritating others. In a perfect liberty world, morals would never cross into the public space.


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